Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blue Light


Terrible abdominal colic, ended up in an ambulance to A&E. Jings. However i.v. Buscopan worked its magic. Very anticholinergic, nauseating but slightly mind-expanding.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Middlesborough Jingle

Hi guys,
Been playing a song a week off the album you sent me. Im just wondering if you could make a short mp3 of yourselves so i could play it before i play a track, something simple such as' Hi were dancing mice, and you can hear tracks off our new album, solferino, exclusivly on Jonathan's 1-2 show on 104.5 Community Voice FM'

Here it is.

Halifax Home Insurance

As soon as you inform them that you are getting work done on chimneys which involves scaffolding, they REMOVE the accidental cover. You would never guess that from this, in the policy booklet:

Change in circumstances
• work is going to be done on your home which
is not routine repair, maintenance or decoration;

We may re-assess your cover and premiums when
we are told about changes in your circumstances.
If you do not tell us about changes, the wrong
terms may be quoted, a claim might be rejected or
payment could be reduced. In some circumstances
your policy might be invalid.