Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Ukraine DM: Elegantly skroenny, wonderfully staromoden

Two reviews of Eroded, from Kiev.

On a: Nothing on the Internet putnogo they are not found, so will speak only about their personal experiences and blind them generated images. Standings not to derail the empty cries of admiration, for they way they do not. But still, I have not heard so strong, brutal, but all honest songs. They are dry and tortured, not from here, if aliens from the past century or ghosts, frightening us (me), others pale, hard-coloured jacket inaudibility and deep bilge. The album is wonderfully staromoden. And do not think that all like, music nervousness, and delivers a strange pleasure, but hope for your understanding. In essence: elektropop in guitar haze, nontrivial melodies and overall maturity. They all looked at me from a dark corner and waiting ...

The quartet of Edinburgh Dancing Mice releases third album - given its originality and potential, even strange that we have heard little about those Scots earlier.
Extremely ingenuity of the arrangements for the elegant decadent new-wave. Very intelligent, on university-educated, slightly pizhonsky who knows the price of good manners, exactly - secular. It is elegantly skroenny. Sometimes very small blurry light psihodelikami.
Vintazhnye Synthesis, saxophones, literally valsiruyuschy rhythmic figure, but elastic basses, silk intonirovanie of irresistible nartsissa-frontmena and shaped his poetry, safe melodic hook - all this suggests Roxy Music (and also solo Ferry), Talking Heads, or, now , A bit neglected Russian group Obermaneken.
Cases of reggae / ska-knikseny, fankovy gruv or blur embientnaya electronics only add hate smart, and I would even say, the luxury good pop music Dancing Mice.

Gig 21

The Ark, Edinburgh
Setlist: A Physical Husband, Pictures of Biggles, Wounded Woman, Pink Storm, It's Abnormal,
Mouse In Love, Selling The Party, Golden Girl.