Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Beloved Tram-works

The nuisance continues. Apparently, we will all forget about the inconvenience once the trams are up and running, we will be thrilled and pleased that we have been given such a wonderful gift. This is contrary to what has happened in Dublin, Sheffield and Barcelona - the only people who think the trams were worth the bother and expense do not live in these cities. In Dublin, vox pop says the trams are only good for those that live along the route, but only a small benefit, and none at all to the rest of Dublin. In Sheffield they are seen as a dangerous nuisance and no advantage over the buses. In Barcelona it is difficult to find anyone who knows about a tram there, they all take the underground train, which is great. I know this because I have spoken to people from Dublin, Sheffield and recently visited Barcelona.
Here is a video from Leith Walk