Sunday, 27 February 2022


At Redbraes Weir 26th February 2022


VdGG at Queen’s Hall

Saturday 26th February, postponed for two years with Covid, well worth the wait. Luxury “Cabaret” seats with a table an unexpected plus. With Bill Wait, Ian Deary and Fraser Mills .

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Christmas Amaryllis

Did well in the sunny front window. Also, two more stalks still to bud.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

New Mobile

Good Ol’ Xperia XZ reached the end of its days, needing charged twice a day, clunking along. New Xperia 10 iii, seems to do what it should. Getting £37 from EE for sending the XZ back to them. Factory reset of course.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

St Mark’s Park

Been exploring where the old railway lines went, now paths. Very interesting.