Monday, 22 February 2010

e-Mails to TIE



I have looked at the TRO leaflet and there is an error in the Map for Section 2, Constitution St. to Leith Walk. Both the Balfour Street and Springfield junctions are shown as allowing right turn into Leith Walk. I gather from the larger more detailed plans that only Springfield will be allowed; Balfour Street will have a tram stop blocking egress. This should be corrected, otherwise you are giving very misleading information to the public.

Are you going to change the leaflet?



I would like you to tell me the planned changes to bus routes on Leith Walk. At the show-and -tell evening in St Mary's Cathedral I was told that the routes 10, 22 and 25 were to go.

I am concerned by the use of the term "Integrated". My fear is that Leith Walk bus routes become interrupted, meaning that passengers will have to get off a bus, on to a tram to get up or down Leith Walk, then back on a bus. Can you reassure me that this is not the case.

Anthony Moffoot

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gig 33

The Ark, Edinburgh 18/2/10

Setlist: Death Makes You Feel Like A Man, The g Factor, Dungeness, Happy Ending, Agenda For Change, Watching Waters Rise, Alpha Uniform, It's Abnormal, Selling The Party.

Sound: Tom. Found it difficult to balance the stringed and electronic instruments, new to the DM sound but did his best. Drums and bass low on stage, made Alpha Uniform particularly tricky but it came off well.

Reception: Some dancing, warm applause. Happy Ending described as "joyful". Surprise appearance of Ian's dad (80) . Unusually, Tom the soundman was enraptured and wants to collaborate with us. We will see.

The End of The Ark?

Some changes afoot at The Ark; markedly reduced back-line and no word of our proposed March gig. Change of ownership? Money laundering?
Gig later today 18th February 10 p.m.