Saturday, 20 October 2018

Gig 50– DM@30

A Special gig at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
20th October 2018, the 30th anniversary of Ian and Gavin dropping round to start a band, which turned out in the end to be Dancing Mice.
The set covered all seven albums, great to dig out Tamagotchi Girl, Crusader Castles, Blue Screen, The Science of Survival, and at long last the world premiere of a live version of Waterboy Blues, which will definitely feature in the future.
I - Pictures of Biggles, Cool, St Rita's Matrix, Backroom Boys, Tamagotchi Girl, Crusader Castles, Blue Screen, Freiburg (CH) '98
II - Death Makes You Feel Like a Man, Waterboy Blues, The Science of Survival, Swiss Disco, The g Factor, Red Star, It's Abnormal, Mouse in Love, Selling The Party.
Sound: Tom. Took a lot of trouble and the sound was great onstage and front of house
Reception: Warm, appreciative, strangers wowed.

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