Sunday, 13 May 2018

Gig 49

The launch of Modern Tempers, the seventh collection by Dancing Mice 12th May 2018, Henry’s Cellar Bar.32293604_10157754940986164_9097350858802200576_n

We played two sets separated by an interlude for cakes and prosecco.

Setlist: Pictures of Biggles, Cool, St Rita’s Matrix, Standing In For Love, Backroom Boys, Watching Waters Rise, Medley: Poland/Embers.

Folder Dressed In Blue, Swiss Disco, Death Makes You Feel Like A Man, Jump Jump, Red Star, It’s Abnormal , Mouse In Love, encore – Selling The Party.

Sound – Tom  – new to us,  the audience said the sound was great out front, a little weird on stage in the second half, it had been turned up.

Reception – Yet again, no low points. Everyone seemed to like everything, despite one of two maculate performances. The second half built a momentum and ended in cheers and dancing.

N.B. Ann Deary’s birthday celebrations too.

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